• Fashion Illustrations by Sere Rivérs for Golpira
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Fashion Illustrations by Sere Rivérs for Golpira

Fashion Illustrations by Sere Rivérs

We have been eyeing Sere Rivérs work for a while, when we have seen her work for the first time we were hooked and spent a long time lost in her pen lines. Sere Rivérs is a Germany based Fashion Illustrator and started to work when she was 13 years old. Her work just keeps getting better and better. Definitely an artist to watch and a super nice girl. Sere not only illustrates well technically, but her creative vision is stunning as well. Her creativity and style suggest that she is well on her way to doing big things. We love the balance of minimalism and tastefulness. So we are thankful that we could work with her. Sere picked her favorite styles out of the Summer/ Spring 2016 collection and illustrated those. 

But lets have Sere speak for herself:


Hi Sere, how are you? 

Bonjour Gisa! I am fine, thank you. I can not wait to answer your questions. 

How did you get to draw? 

I already drew at kindergarten and wanted craft materials and paint for my birthdays. I started illustrating fashion in particular when i was 13 years of age. At first i only illustrated dresses that a little girl dreams of, later it got more and more detailed. 

What are the essential skills that one needs to be successful in your profession?

I believe the most important thing to be is having your own individual style and a huge brand recognition. What and how you illustrate is up to you. Primarily you should love what you do- it does not make sense if you do not. 

Your work seems very on point with what is happening in high fashion right with the black and white palette, the accents and the minimalism aesthetic. Is your work influenced by fashion in particular, or do you draw inspiration from other sources as well? 

Of course! Fashion is by far my biggest inspiration. It is not only what is happening in fashion industry currently- I would say it is more the past decades that inspire me more. Closely followed is certainly our beautiful nature. I absorb all colors and shapes that i see, for example, on a walk and write them down in my little black notebook afterwards. 

Which are your favorite tools and materials? 

Colors and pigments! Before i start drawing i choose which color the blossoms will have to have. Only if i know that, i start using my pencil. 

Where would you most like to see your work featured? Is there a gallery/ magazine that you are dying to be shown in? 

There are so many wonderful galleries in Berlin, NY, London and Paris. I especially I like the Musee d'Orsay in Paris- which is almost impossible and more like a dream for me. I addition I am the biggest fan of the magazine 'The Gentlewoman'. I'd love to illustrate for them. 

What are your plans for the future? 

You cannot really plan in this business, uppermost there is a move to Paris though. 

Please complete the following three sentences: 

Jewelry is for me perfection in millimeters. 

My favorite style of the upcoming SS2016 collection by Golpira is Oh no! That is kind of mean, because i love every piece of your collection, but i think the 'Cheyenne Earrings' stole my heart. 

My favorite Illustration i have done for Golpira is the illustration on which the mannequin wears the 'Cheyenne Earring' 

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Obsessed with colors and materials, chaotic, open-minded. 

Your biggest obsession and worst habit is?

My biggest obsession is definitely art in all facets. So often i catch myself getting lost in it- but also getting fixed back together. To my mind my worst habit is, I am not approachable when i draw. I then pull myself back for a few couple of hours- I imagine that to be quite difficult for the people around me. 

What is your life motto? 

You cannot walk a straight line, without a fixed point to follow. 


Illustration by Sere Rivers for Golpira Jewelry Bemossed Earring

Illustration by Sere Rivers for Golpira Jewelry Cross Ring and Loved & Found Ring

Illustration by Sere Rivers for Golpira Jewelry Cheyenne Earring

Illustration by Sere Rivers for Golpira Jewelry Miakoda Necklace and Elsu Necklace

Enjoy looking at our collaboration we have done together with her and make sure to check out more work of her. Sere Rivérs. Do you want to be informed about the SS2016 launch, then subscribe below to our Newsletter. 


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