Save the Rainforest

Our founder Gisa Golpira has always had a close relationship to the Amazon rainforest. As a child she grew up in Peru and spent part of her childhood in the Amazon rainforest. She was extremely fortunate to have lived in a part of the Amazon rainforest that was still untouched at the time. She spent her childhood outdoors, climbing trees, hiking in the jungle, swimming in the rivers or playing with the wildlife animals and simply enjoying the wonder of nature. 

The 'lungs of the planet' are without doubt a natural wonder of the world. Its climate preconditions have given rise to perhaps the most remarkable ecosystem on the planet in the Amazon. 

A healthy Amazon rainforest is one of the Earth's best defenses against climate change. The Amazon currently absorbs 20 percent of the carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels. Protecting the Amazon rainforest must be a centerpiece of the global efforts to stop climate change.

We witnessed vast expanses of the Amazon rainforest disappear at a rapid rate. It is becoming more and more evident that if we do not take care of the 'lungs of the planet', climate change will dramatically increase. 

We are proud to support the Amazon rainforest with our Save the Rainforest collection. All proceeds from this collection go to Rainforest Rescue.

Jewelry that has style, that is activism, that has purpose.  



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