GOLPIRA x Mother's Day is around the corner

Mothers and children we love, and Mothers and children in love.

Irmgard and Marie

What makes your mother- daughter bond so strong?

"You answer."

"No, you answer."

"My mother is like my best friend."

"Wow thats a very nice compliment."

"We complete each other well, because we have very different types of characters."

"Thats true. We do have different types of characters, but we share common views and get impulses from each other. Marie is very purposeful, she follows her dreams. Back then when i was at her age i was too afraid to be so driven by my dreams, but i have learned from her to push my boundaries."

"And i have learned from my mother to be tough. She is such a strong woman. I respect her a lot for what she has done."

Martina and Mia

"Im going to be a hairdresser and a police officer."

"How do you be a hairdresser and a police officer?"

"You get in the hair salon, then you get to do all sorts of activities, like braiding or combing. Then you go out and you are a police officer."

Did you learn something from Mia?

"Mia is five years old now and she already taught me a lot. She is a very easy child. I would say that i have re-learned through her to enjoy the small pleasures in daily life. It is so adorable how little things can make Mia happy or which little things get her attention. Sometimes adults forget to see the beauty in small things, because we might think that we already know everything.

Iam so thankful for Mia."  

Susanne and Leo


What would you like to give Leo to take along?

"Leo is a truly curious child and he is always in a good mood. He just started smiling and discovering things. I would like to give him along on his way that he goes with a big heart and a certain lightness through life. Besides that i will try to support him to do what ever makes him happy."

Leo do you enjoy swinging?


Bettina and Zoe

"Zoe what do you think, should we do it?"

"Lets do it Mom."

Whats your favorite thing about your mother/ daughter?

"I love everything about my mother, especially that i know that no matter what is happening my mother has got my back. I totally can trust her."

"No doubt, there is more than one characteristic quality i love about Zoe, but i would say that i'm really thankful, that my daughter is very honest, and besides that she is a very spontaneous and fun girl. Many times she convinced me to do something when i was first against it, but at the end it was so much fun."

Belinda and Bobo

Have you changed since you have a child?

"Definitely, i'm so much more calm and relaxed than before. In the past i was afraid to miss out events or partys for example. Nowadays these things do not matter to me anymore, i realized what is really important to me in life. First comes my family and then everything else. My kids give me so much joy. I do really pamper my kids, but i also try to teach them, that they should not take everything for granted."

"Mommy stop talking to this girl, help me to ride my bicycle." 

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