Der Berliner Salon x VOGUE x Paris Fashionweek x Golpira

We attended the Berliner Mode Salon in Paris during Fashion Week, supported by the german VOGUE at the Hotel Beauharnais on September 30. At this point a very big thank you to everyone who supported this event, especially to the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr. Meyer-Landrut and his wife for inviting us to present our collections at this historical and fabulous location. 

The event was a big success and it was so much fun. We have met some very interesting people like Suzy Menkes, Justin O'Shea and many more. We are still overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have got.

Still in our mind is following sentence by Karl Lagerfeld, "Basically its a simple idea to keep the gold in its original form and structure and use it for jewelry, but the simplest ideas are often the best. The collection is great!" 

Have a look at the pictures taken during the event by Victor Boyko and Julia Malysch. 

Hotel Beauharnais, The residence of the german Ambassador Mr. Meyer-Landrut and his wife. 

Atmosphere during the event.

Gisa Golpira (Designer of Golpira) explaining her collection to Christiane Arp (Editor in Chief of the german VOGUE) and Jonathan Newhouse (Chairman und Chief Executive Condé Nast International) 

Hosts of the event, Ambassador Dr. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut and his wife Brigitte Meyer-Landrut.

Suzy Menkes looked at the presentation of Golpira Jewelry

Suzy Menkes, Fashion Critic.

Emmanuel de Bayser (The Corner) mit Inga Griese (Die Welt und Icon) Golpira

Emmanuel de Bayser (The Corner) with Inga Griese (Die Welt and Icon)

Justin O'Shea, (Buyer of Golpira

Justin O'Shea (

Christiane Arp and Karl Lagerfeld during the event - Golpira

Christiane Arp and Karl Lagerfeld

Designerin Antonia Zander, Veronique Tristram, Fashion Director Glamour, und Sue Giers (Closed) Golpira

Designer Antonia Zander, Veronique Tristram (Fashion Director Glamour), and Sue Giers (Closed).

DJane Leigh Lezark- Golpira

Leigh Lezark (DJane- Model) 

Upcoming collection of Golpira No Dirty Gold Jewelry Schmuck

Small selection of the upcoming styles by Golpira 

Karl Lagerfeld, Christiane Arp and Markus Kurz

Christiane Arp, Karl Lagerfeld and Markus Kurz. 


If you like to see more pictures of the event and to read more about it head over to Vogue x Berliner Mode Salon in Paris. (German Article) 




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