The best gifts to give and get this Christmas

As we head into the holiday season, we've got lots of gift ideas for you to christmas. You want a gift that shows your loved ones that they are a valued and an inspiring part of your life? Offering a piece of jewelry is not a tiny action, but a piece of jewelry is a meaningful gift. For many women jewelry is a symbolic representation of romantic attachment and love. Let Golpira's gift guide and wide jewelry selection help you to find a suitable gift, plus you might just find something for yourself. 

For the Fashionista

Finding the right gift for the fashion-obsessed lady in your life, who seem to have everything, is not an easy task. We can feel you, but search no more! For the fashionista you have to select a jewelry that is stylish and chic. Our Cross Ring is the perfect match. This statement ring is a perfectly proportioned wrap-around ring, with a unique gold nugget, that gives a sophisticated twist to a modern silhouette. Very suitable to put it on the middle finger or the ring finger. 

For the Romantic

She follows her heart. No doubt she wants something that has a whole lot of meaning. We have got you covered up. You can not go wrong with our classic Loved & Found Ring. Not only the name suggests a delicately romantic touch, but also the design will truly touch her heart. Another positive plus is that the Loved & Found ring fits to every occasion. 

For the Bohemian

Bohemian love jewelry. They are kind of obsessed with it and why shouldn't their be? A bohemian woman has never enough jewelry and she loves to layer it up and mix it with other accessories. Mostly their jewelry taste is quite eclectic, so they are a few options to choose from the selection, but to be precise we would like to suggest to you the Wakanda Necklace. This beauty looks fabulous on its own or mixed with other necklaces. 




For the Working Professional

Her visual identity should convey her credibility and competence, but also reflect some personality without going overboard. The Sitara Stud harmonizes perfectly well for the professional women on the go. The working professional wears smart and chic dresses for work, but has always in her mind her feminine and sensible style that takes her from the office to happy hour to date night. Her jewel must be an all-rounder, as our modern yet understated ear studs. 

For the Classy

If the woman you are buying for is a classy and elegant woman with great style, be sure to choose a gift that reflects those tastes and underlines her feminine attractiveness. Trying to out sparkle their wearer's eyes and adding that finishing touch when it comes to highlighting her beauty, earrings are indispensable companions in a woman's life. The Satinka earring is the right gift for the classy woman. 

For the Dreamer 

We highly recommend to you the Worldcitizen pendant. We just love the idea of a talisman to remind your loved one to take a chance on their dreams. Dreamers fight for positivity, inspiration, and a wild heart. Now its your turn to inspire the dreamer. Our pendant reminds the dreamer to keep their dream close to their heart. The pendant is an eternally beautiful piece, timeless and magical. Not just for women!




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