GOLPIRA designer Gisa Golpira went Gold Digging


Place: Secret Spot 

Time: 5 o´clock in the morning 

Weather: foogy, later sunny 

Mood: Excited  

Essentials: shovels, net, bucket, knife, gloves, pan, wetsuit, fashionable gumboots 

No doubt this adventure was truly amazing and unforgettable. We went early in the morning to the secret spot, which we had observed for days to analyze the rock formation and the high water times. So we knew we have 4 hours maximal to do the gold digging.

After climbing several rocks we finally made it to the location. Before we could start we had to move rocks from point A to point B to clear the spot. I can not remember when i used to work physically so hard the last time in my life. Well, maybe i should go the gym more often to gain muscles. Anyway, then we shoveled the smaller rocks and we put them in a bucket full of water. Because inside the bucket was a net, which you could easily take off, the bigger stones stayed in the net and we could remove those from the other material. I really can not remember how many times we done the same procedure.

I could not wait to wash the rocks with my pan to figure out if we are lucky or not. After 3 hours of shoveling and sweating we decided to start washing the material in the pan. I guess i saw my parents doing the washing procedure a thousand times and it always looked so easy, but different to what i thought, it was not easy at all. You really need a special technique to wash the material off so you do not lose the desired gold in the pan. I was washing out two full buckets of material when i realized that we did not find anything. Trust me after all the work we have done it was quite frustrating.

Honestly I briefly considered to give up and throw the other buckets away but my curiosity was stronger and so i continued washing and then suddenly i could see it shining yellow. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! We were more than happy and proud of ourselves. After 4 hours of hard work we found almost 2 gram of gold. 

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