Facts about Goldnuggets

Gold is one of the most popular and well known minerals on earth. Since the earliest time gold is known for its value and its special properties. According to World Gold Council (WGC) it is estimated that all the gold ever mined throughout the history of civilization is 193.472 tonnes. (Status 2018) If all that gold were collected and melted it into a cube, it would measure about 21 meters tall by 21 meters wide. 

Gold Nuggets...

... are naturally occurring pieces of gold. They are formed through erosion.

... are unique in structure, form and shininess.

... contain 75 to 97 percent gold, and the remainder is mostly silver. The gold nugget gets whiter in color when the silver content is greater. 

... have almost always traces of silver and may contain traces of copper and iron. Sometimes you might even see some quartz.

... are very rare. Less than two percent of gold in its natural form comes as gold nuggets. Most of it is much smaller, sometimes it is so small that it is        hard to see with the eye. 

... got melted down for production prior 1990. (Most of them) 

... are regarded very highly by collectors and are more worth than the internationally standard gold value.

We value and appreciate the beauty and rarity of gold nuggets. Golpira uses the most exclusive, highest quality gold nuggets from Papua New Guinea, Australia or South America. Each gold nugget is hand selected for its unique and individual characteristics and natural beauty. 

By the way it is rarer to find a one-ounce gold nugget than a 5 carat diamond. If you want to read more about the comparison of gold nugget and diamonds follow the link