In 2014 Gisa Golpira began her namesake line 'Golpira'. Born from a desire to create unique jewelry out of natural formed gold nuggets. Golpira is a Germany- based jewelry label, offering luxury, sustainable and unique handmade fine gold jewelry, mixing bohemian aesthetics with classic references. The label values style over fashion, tradition over trends and quality over quantity. With minimalistic designs and precious natural formed gold nuggets, simplicity is drawn out of a much bigger picture. The DNA of Golpira reflects high craftsmanship and superior attention to everlasting style. Golpira leaves the gold nuggets as the gold diggers found them, they don’t varnish or adjust them in any way. Every single jewelry is one-of-a-kind, so each is as individual as the customers. The beauty of the gold nuggets is in their endless variation, from smooth, shiny and round to edgy and dull with some quartz left-overs. The jewelry speaks to people that seek beauty in imperfection. Every piece tells a story of wilderness, adventure and uniqueness.

Founder and designer of 'Golpira' Gisa Golpira, was born in Germany and raised for a couple of years in the rainforest of South America, because her mother worked as a gold digger. A squirrel monkey became Gisa's companion, Native Americans became Gisa's friends and the jungle was Gisa's playground. This time when her mother took her along to the jungle left a beautiful and unforgettable footprint in Gisa's mind and heart. So at a very early age she came into contact with gold nuggets that now are the heart pieces of her jewelry collection. Ever since her parents worked as sustainable gold diggers in the jungle of Peru, Gisa started loving and respecting nature and understood the importance of an intact ecological system.

She always used to collect and love jewelry. Since she was a child she is wearing a small gold nugget pendant around her neck that her mom gave her back in the days. It was the first gold nugget that her mother found and it was the inspiration to begin her jewelry line.

‚In a world where recent gold mining contaminates drinking water and land with mercury and cyanide, destroys traditional livelihoods and displaces indigenous communities, it is time for sustainability and authenticity.‘