In 2014 Gisa Golpira began her namesake line 'Golpira'. Born from a desire to create unique jewelry out of natural formed gold nuggets and inspired by a small gold nugget pendant that her mother gave her when she was a child. 

Discover Golpira 

Golpira is a Germany- based jewelry label, offering luxury, sustainable and unique handmade fine gold nugget jewelry, mixing modern aesthetics with classic references. With minimalistic designs and precious natural formed gold nuggets, simplicity is drawn out of a much bigger picture. The DNA of Golpira reflects high craftsmanship and superior attention to everlasting style.

We at Golpira leave the gold nuggets as the gold diggers found them, we don’t varnish or adjust them in any way. Each piece of jewelry is unique, so each is as individual as our customers. The beauty of the gold nuggets is in their endless variation, from smooth, shiny and round to edgy and dull with some quartz left overs. The jewelry speaks to people that seek beauty in imperfection.


Gisa Golpira

Founder and designer of 'Golpira' Gisa Golpira, was born in Germany and spent part of her childhood deep in the heart of one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world, thanks to her mother who worked as a gold digger in Peru. Where she grew up, there were no roads, no electricity, no neighbors, no strict rules. She spent her live outdoors, playing with wildlife animals, climbing trees, learning to hunt and fish, collecting fruits, swimming, hiking in the jungle, etc. Gisa learned that life could be appreciated in its simplest forms.

This time left a beautiful footprint in Gisa’s mind and heart. 

Since that time, she is wearing a small gold nugget pendant on a necklace that her mother gave her back in the days. It was the first gold nugget her mother ever found and it was the inspiration to begin her jewelry line. For Gisa, creating timeless, contemporary gold nugget fine jewelry is a truly lifelong pursuit.

Portrait Gisa Golpira von Golpira