Galvan London x Golpira

Edgy outstanding designs emphasized through the thrilling contrast of the most worshipped precious metals on earth: Gold and Silver

Galvan consists of a group of four determined and strong women: Sola Harrison, Anna-Christin Haas, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Hodler. They have built a thrilling brand for the female evening wardrobe. The ultra feminine and at the same time very cool and bold aura, which every gown distributes to its wearer, is the way women want to feel.

Golpira stands for graceful and very individual jewelry-treasures made of green gold. A Golpira gem is the most individual and personal treasure to decorate yourself. Green gold ambassador Golpira posseses a very special bohemian spirit, a spirit that represents a thirst of adventure and the love of liberty and freedom.

These totally different brand-DNAs, minimalism vs. boheme, seem to prick each other and usually depict an image of opposites. The Galvan x Golpira Collaboration will teach you better: Classy glamour goddess meets adventurous boheme Amazon. Complementation through friction is the key to this pulsating alliance of the 5 power-women who brought this hypnotizing jewelry gems into being.

You can see this fascinating friction is reflected in the selection of material: Silver and gold, cool and warm, minimalistic and bohemian. The design continues and provides tension with clean and clear silver elements, which seem quite industrial and graphic. Golpira’s unique gold-nuggets constitute the purely natural counterpart. All together the collaboration contains of 3 stunning rings and an earring. Every single piece is so strong and expressive that it can be worn on its own or in combination with each other. A hypnotizing and yet cool understatement when it comes to super luxurious jewelry.

The collaboration Galvan x Golpira embodies the strong, self-confident woman that owns this world. A person that creates happiness herself and depends on no one. Doing this with grace and always staying true to herself. And this is why this two powerful female brands fit perfectly together and complement each other in a natural way.


- Written by Sarah Wave 




Galvan London x Golpira Collaboration




Galvan London x Golpira Collaboration





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